Most of us can easily predict what's coming up with big player video cards. With dual core being such a hot topic and SLI/Crossfire being adored, but expensive, the idea of dual GPU video cards is already demonstrated itself as being feasible to the market. ATI has a few plans for a new lineup of cards starting with the RV570 that first will not need a "master" card, removing the need to buy a specific type of card for each portion of a Crossfire setup. Another part of those plans is the capability of these GPUs to operate on a single PCB, giving us dual-GPU Radeons. ATI has a lot of ground to cover after nVidia has so successfully deployed card after card, and one way they can do that is making video cards with dual GPUs readily available.

Crossfire has been far too cumbersome, but they are showing room for improvement. Newer Crossfire cards may also require a PCB bridge, which most SLI setups require. That also leaves room for motherboards to have the PCB built in as some models do. The next line of Crossfire looks to be very interesting.