Patches and the deployment thereof has always been a point of contention for Sun customers, including those using Solaris in enterprise environments. Sun wants to beef that up, and as such as recently aquired a small company called Aduva. Aduva is a patch management compant that develops OnStage, a product designed to handle installation and testing of patches in various environments.

“By acquiring Aduva, Sun will be addressing the number one pain point we hear from IT administrators – patch management – while addressing the principle cause of service downtime and system vulnerability: out of date systems and patches,” said Don Grantham, an EVP at Sun. “By integrating this technology into our offerings and services, Sun can enable customers to update thousands of systems at the touch of a button.”
Sun has been doing a lot of this in the past few years, likely to hold off the approaching competeting servers on their territory and to gain a bit of their own. With the backing of the Linux-based patch tracking company, they will have yet another solid selling point to keep the Sun base out there.