Security gurus are warning of the dangers of a new variant of the Bagle worm. This new version poses as a lawsuit against the recipient. Bagle-DO is carried in an e-mail with subject lines such as "Pay your debts before we come to you," "Call to your lawyer immediately," "Lawsuit against you" and "We wait your response." The usual poor spelling and punctuation no doubt apply.

The emails urge the recipient to open the attached file (which can be called lawsuit.exe, explanation.exe or documents.exe), but if it is executed, the worm installs itself on the PC and looks for other computers to infect via email and peer-to-peer file-sharing systems.

The worm chooses from a variety of messages to send, all claiming to be about different types of legal action. Messages include one that claims the recipient's company sent an unsolicited commercial fax without permission. Another claims the recipient's company conducted an unsatisfactory car service which resulted in a fire.
The malware also tries to spread via P2P file-sharing systems, posing as nude pictures of actress Kate Beckinsale (ooh er!) or erotic pics of Paris Hilton (ugh!)