Digital movie downloads are in the works over at In discussions with many movie studios such as Paramount Pictures and Universal, Amazon may soon be able to offer a downloadable movie service that lets you put the movie (or TV show) onto a DVD for play in a standard DVD player. With other companies like Apple also looking to have similar offerings, attitudes may be changing about “digital downloads”.

The movie studios are hoping to spread the power in the digital download industry by including Amazon in the mix, Leigh speculated. "The studios don't want any one player to have enough power to control their destiny," he said.
Removing the initial media from having to be produced and sold is one thing, but completely removing the media would be another thing altogether and that does seem to be where this is headed. How easy would it be to download a movie legally at whim to watch whenever you want? Details on things such as DRM haven't been made available, which is something to watch out for. Compatbility can be a big issue with the increase in non-Windows users.