Super 3G, otherwise known as HSDPA, is to be rolled out in London by Vodafone in the summer. Currently, Vodafone is trialling the technology around Newbury, and will start piloting the service with 100 business users in London soon. At first, HSDPA connectivity will only be available via data cards and laptops embedded with the technology, but HSDPA-compatible phones will eventually appear.

According to John Lillistone, Vodafone's head of enterprise data, Vodafone will be able to expand its capacity threefold and reduce latency as well as significantly boosting uplink speeds for users.

He said: "It's surprising how quickly customers got used to the revolutionary speed increase 3G gave them — now they're coming back and saying, 'It's great but can't we go a bit faster?'."
Vodafone has yet to unveil plans for a HSDPA rollout all over the UK, but the company is already looking towards technologies such as WiMax which provide wireless broadband.

Meanwhile, Vodafone claims that the mobile phone industry still has a lot of growth left in it. Chief Executive Arun Sarin claims that the market is not a fully matured one, and that the mobile industry is still young. Sarin claims that the mobile industry is evolving and is looking to deliver new services to customers, and that companies like Vodafone are now increasingly establishing new partnerships with the likes of Microsoft and Google.