If you are following the interview with Henri Richard of AMD over at DigiTimes, two more installments are available for perusal with the next two being release the rest of this week. In the third part, a big topic is media centers which Intel has attacked ferociously via Viiv, and AMD is also planning on moving in on – though not at the same level. He talks about overcomplexity being the downfall of most media PC endeavors, and over-integration leading to frustrations and single points of failure that can cause problems in the future.

It would be nice to use what the x86 architecture offers, in your living room, whether it's browsing the Web or accessing interactive TV in a familiar Windows-type environment, these types of things. I think that if you ask consumers and users, that's something they're familiar with and would be able to interface with. Again, that’s providing the GUI and ease of use are worked on because I think that today, connecting this whole thing and making it work is a little bit too complex.

It's a good read, and makes some good points about proper ways to go about implementing media PCs and what AMD is planning to do for the market.