One of the biggest crackdowns ever in the UK on counterfeiters has just been completed, following a six-month investigation into the supply, distribution and sale of counterfeit CDs, DVDs and computer games. The operation culminated with the arrest of 29 suspected felons. Involving more than 135 police, the operation will lead to suspects facing multiple criminal fraud charges collectively brought by the BPI, FACT and DWP.

Michael Rawlinson, deputy director general of ELSPA commented: "We were pleased to work alongside the BPI, DWP and FACT in this investigation - the excellent results achieved show just how successful a united front can be in shutting down illegal activity. ELSPA would like to thank everyone involved for their work in helping to protect local traders and the general community from the effects of pirated goods."

BPI Director of Anti-Piracy David Martin said; "The criminal gangs that control the production, manufacturing, distribution and sale of counterfeit goods may have become increasingly organised and large in number, but so have we.