A long time in coming, Intel, along with SiS and Via, have committed to adding true DDR2-800 (PC2-6400) support for their newer chipsets. Even with the absolute fastest DDR2-667 RAM on a high-performance chipset, DDR-2 is coming in only marginally better than DDR platforms, so there is a lot of incentive to bring the clock speed on DDR2 up. With AMD promising support for 800, Intel definitely has a challenge. Starting with the x965 chipsets, Intel will have support for dual-channel DDR2 up to 800MHz and CPUs at 1066. Likely, the RAM will catch up with the next generation of chipsets and we will see DDR2-1066, where it will truly shine. Via and SiS also plan to do the same.

Via Technologies at CeBIT 2006 indicated that it would release its PT900 chipset that also officially supports PC2-6400 memory. The chipset is expected to be launched before Computex 2006, which kicks off in early June in Taipei, Taiwan.
The SiS 665 chipset will be the first supporting DDR2-800 from them.