Dell really is acquiring Alienware. So now it really isn't a rumor, and people that looked both ways will have to swallow some words. Initially thought of as a rumor, then false, and now confirmed straight from the horses mouth. CEO of Alienware Nelson Gonzalez wrote a lengthy statement talking about the reasons for the merger and the potential outcome.

We believe that this acquisition will offer our customers the best of both worlds --- an Alienware that takes advantage of the world-class business practices and operational efficiencies that have made Dell one of the most respected companies in the world, while preserving the DNA of the Alienware brand and product strategy portfolio. The Alienware and Dell executive management teams have agreed that this acquisition could only succeed if Alienware is structured as a separate division which will continue to make its own product development, planning, marketing and customer support decisions. The ability to make standalone business decisions about the Alienware brand and product portfolio will be the key to our continued success and both the Alienware and Dell management teams recognize that the uniqueness of the Alienware culture and our special customer bonds are pivotal.
For the most part, it seems to be a pure financial deal - and at least it is hoped that very little will change from Alienware. If you are an Alienware fan, it's definitely worth a read.