Kyocera, in development of their upcoming CDMA EVDO phone dubbed the “W41K”, has chosen nVidia to be the supplier of the phones GPU. The GoForce 4000 is the GPU of choice, which will be attached to an OLED display capable of a solid 15fps for video playback, hardware support for image display and decompression, and... multi-display support (since the phone will have multiple displays).

”The W41K is another trend-setting design from Kyocera that aligns very well with our strategy to deliver high-performance multimedia features to the world's most exciting and sought after 3G devices," said Michael Rayfield, general manager for handheld GPUs at NVIDIA. "The NVIDIA GoForce 4000 GPU delivers the high-quality multimedia features that Kyocera demanded for this handset and does so at power levels that will help the customer enjoy these features for longer."
Power consumption is key, and it seems nVidia has been able to tackle the power problem enough to make it feasible to have it in a mobile phone. Maybe this will carry over to desktop cards in the future. You can read the full press release at nVidia's site.