VoIP fans should know that Lycos has released Lycos Phone - a VoIP soft-phone application powered by Globe7. Using this, users can make free calls from PC to PC, and can make free PC to PC video calls and receive unlimited free incoming calls from any landline or mobile phone. Also available is 100 free minutes of PC to landline and PC to mobile phone calls. Lycos Phone can also provide users with a free US phone number, free fax and free voicemail to e-mail. The software supports Windows 2000 and XP systems, but will later support Linux, Mac OS, Palm OS and Pocket PC in addition.

Lycos claims to be the first to introduce a VoIP system with full multimedia support for music and video-on-demand content. The Lycos Phone platform provides free video-on-demand access to more than 300 movie trailers, business news, world sports and other content. Users can access the video or music content without interrupting phone or chat services in the application.