The green minded of our readers might be interested to hear about a free exhibition‚ opening today at the Science Museum in the UK in London, which is exhibiting a number of environmentally friendly biodegradable phone components. Yes, biodegradable phone components. I was sceptical too, but yes this does include a biodegradable battery design from Nokia, an NEC handset with a biodegradable cover, and the only lasagne-based circuit board in the world. How soon this stuff is hitting the stores is anyone's guess, though, but with the staggering amount of technical gizmos we are throwing away every year, this sort of thing is badly needed, I feel.

Researchers from Warwick University and materials company, PVAXX, will be displaying a prototype phone cover with an implanted sunflower seed. As the sunflower grows‚ it gets additional nutrients from the biodegrading phone cover.