The thought of a $10,000 gaming system that sported quad SLI cards was pretty ridiculous to most, and for sure was in many people's eyes merely a gimmick. Moreso, with the ability to build en-masse that Dell has, you'd assume that even a system that is so expensive and likely to get only a few takers wouldn't have a supply issue. And yet, Dell has plain sold out on the XPS 600 Renegade. Not only do I wonder who would actually fathom plunking down that much for a computer these days, but I also wonder if Dell believes that gimmicks like this and purchasing Alienware will help get them recognized in the enthusiast community, which typically looks down upon large retailers, for better or for worse.

Then again, if you build it – they will come. Or buy, in this case, and buy they did. Rumors put the number at a mere 30, but you can bet that Dell will definitely be building more. And to think I can recall buying a 16MHz 386 system for $5,000 and thinking that I got a good deal. Dell has a flash video sporting the Renegade at their site.