In one of the most interesting interviews I have read in a long time, we get a bit of an inside scoop on how spyware/adware companies view themselves in an interview with a former 180Solutions employee. A software engineer that helped developed the software that 180Solutions distributes through various mediums tells all, from how the company pressured their employees to install the software on their home computers and how many in the lower ranks strongly disagreed with the way management dictated the companies policies. The most interesting tidbit to me was how when asked about future goals for the company, no other options other than continuing to develop adware was even considered.

The answer I received was that adware (not the word they used), was it. All future projects were relating to it in some way, and there were no non-advertising products planned. I was a bit worried about that at the time because I could too easily see the day when that wouldn't work.
Take the interview with a grain of salt, but it is one of the most interesting things I have read about the net lately.