In a move that Symantec will also be doing sometime this year, McAfee is merging their software into one global package, separate from the current situation in which you have a conglomerate of different programs running at once, each providing a small part of the total service. Dubbed McAfee “Total Protection”, on top of looking to simplify things, it will also serve as a way to start with a more stable codebase and reduce the various issues associated with many “suites” today that can result in more headaches prevented than cured.

With the repackaging, McAfee is building on its existing strategy to offer products that are integrated and can be centrally managed. "We are redefining the way customers acquire, deploy, manage and operate security products," said Vimal Solanki, a McAfee spokesman.
Central management will also be a key feature of the four different versions of Total Protection, aimed at both single users and companies with many computers to protect.