Seemingly, Novell will release Suse Linux 10.1 at the end of this month. The company has released developer builds of the next version of the OS, which will include the latest Firefox, 2.0 with support for Visual Basic macros, as well as an integrated desktop search engine.

"SUSE Linux 10.1 is a watershed accomplishment for Novell and the members of the OpenSuse community," says Andreas Jaeger, Novell's chief maintainer of Suse Linux. "Working with the community, we have extended and improved every element of the distribution to give the best possible desktop experience to first-time Linux users, while continuing to stabilize, integrate and provide the latest open source packages for experienced engineers."
The OS includes proprietary software packages such as Adobe Reader, RealPlayer, Macromedia Flash Player and Java, and will include the latest server and development packages for home networks, web hosting and application development, as well as much more.