Disney has announced plans to launch a "Disney Mobile" wireless network. Utilising Sprint Nextel's existing infrastructure, the service would allow parents to not only control their kids' call volumes but to also track their location, a service that has generated much interest. The service also allows certain numbers to be banned, and can also place time restrictions on when certain numbers can be called. The service will seemingly be launched in the summer. Pricing is not yet available.

Disney is partnering with LG and Pantech to provide the phones, which will be offered for $60 at retail stores. Parents will be able to limit minutes to their kids and a "family alert" ring will hit everyone's phone, if the limits are exceeded. Also specific numbers can be banned, which can be a godsend for parents trying to stop their daughter from talking with her latest boyfriend. The phones will have integrated GPS and parents will be able to see their children's position on a map.