When the market from the consumer standpoint has been a lot all about “small”, and an increasing focus on “style”, the market adapts. What does a $60 get you in terms of USB drives? How about a quarter sized USB drive with up to a gig in capacity, designed for keychains or pockets. On top of that, the new “Petito” as is called, is designed to be extremely durable, surviving impacts and dust, as well as being completely waterproof. While I don't know where the waterproof comes in to play, I'm sure it will be useful to some. Could even put it in a rubber chassis and call it a “sport” model. In any case, the USB 2.0 drive is $60, not all that much considering the features and compact size. It weighs a mere 8g, and is supposedly good for 10 years, and even supports password protection. You can read more about the “Petito” from ATP's site.