The dying AGP slot is a bone of contention among manufacturers and consumers, with low prices on the good hand and an aging technology on the other. As many people already have boards with AGP in them and don't want to replace their entire systems just to play a newer game, getting an infusion of new life in the form of the GeForce would be nice.. nVidia's partners might be offering in the near future both the 7600 GT and the 7900 GT (based on the newest nVidia line).

A few months ago, rumors abounded about Diamond Multimedia crafting a higher end AGP card, but the rumors turned out to be false when only a PCI-Ex version was made available. However, when someone is sitting on say an 875 motherboard sporting a 3.2GHz P4 and 2 gigs of RAM, a switch to PCI-Ex might be more painful than others can realize. The up and coming 7800 GS shows that the complaints aren't going unheard, and from a market standpoint it makes a lot of sense. A 7900 GT for AGP? That would be something.