Laptops are getting beefier every day, and anyone using a laptop to game with will be pleased to hear about the latest release from Dell (if only that it means that other manufacturers will soon follow suit). Dell's XPS M1710, despite already sporting an Intel Core Duo and up to a behemoth 4GB of RAM, it has a video card that rivals or beats the majority of desktop cards in force today. A 512MB 7900 GTX is in this rig, truly making it a “desktop in mobile form”. Despite all that, it weighs less than 9 pounds and while above average in weight, is light enough to consider actually moving from place to place. I can't imagine battery life is worth anything on a dual core system with a 512MB 7900 GTX, but the horsepower a laptop like this offers is very impressive. The display isn't anything to write home about, but it's worth a look. Maybe we'll see ACER follow suit with their Ferrari series.