ICANN is considering allowing a .tel domain name, which would be used to contain your latest contact information. People will be able to set up their own .tel web site and allow contacts to initiate a call or send a text message directly from the site. Businesses would be able to use a .tel site to determine customers' locations, and then provide them with regionalised contact data, or route them automatically to the correct call centre.

It means that people from the various people-finding services on the Internet could pull the latest contact information as individuals move about. Apparently a London based outfit called Telnic will run the domain if ever gets off the ground.
This looks like a legal nightmare – how many people are going to cyber swat on www.parishilton.tel, or how many legal battles will take place over who should be the rightful owner of www.johnsmith.tel ? It’s a great idea - it’s just a little unclear as to how this would meaningfully and usefully materialise.