In a press release issued today, Diamond Multimedia announced that two versions of Muvee AutoProducer 5 will be made available with the release of their newer Viper and Stealth series cards, along with their XtremeTV TV Tuner/PVR. A demo version is to ship with the desktop cards, and the “lite” version as it is called will ship with the PVR cards, designed specifically for a home PVR setup that will allow a lot of TiVO like functionality out of the box. For the real deal, however, an additional $99 is required (considerably less than the actual cost of the software). The PVR market is becoming more crowded, and this is way to keep people interested in Diamond.

Elvin Low, muvee's Director of Business Development for North America, said, "We're excited at being able to give Diamond customers a fun and easy way to create their own compelling content. Together, we're making it possible for end users to get creative and do more with their digital media, and there's absolutely no hard work involved."
As more families begin to use a PC to centralize storage of photos, videos and more, it only makes sense that more people would want it even easier to manipulate them.