The introduction of Boot Camp, which allows Intel based Mac owners to dual boot XP alongside OSX, is making it easier for users to benchmark which of the two operating systems runs better on the same Apple hardware.

One of its hacks installed Boot Camp onto his MacBook, installed Windows and then World of Warcraft. To test how the two operating systems compared he ran WoW at 1440 x 900 with all the graphic settings on maximum.

It was barely playable of course but he managed to get a frame rate reading of 15 and 20 FPS under Mac OX.

On the same lap top under Windows and the same settings he managed to get between 35 and 40 FPS. This is a pretty big difference.
Of course, the whole Boot Camp issue does raise the question of just why you would want to install XP on your Mac in the first place. If you want a machine that runs XP, why not go for a PC or laptop? Why go for Apple, and then partially or completely discard OSX? Or is the allure of Apple’s sexy hardware just too much temptation for some XP fans? Isn’t dual booting a pain anyway? What do you think?