After much anticipation, it's here. We were all made aware of the development of a 17” MacBook Pro when it was announced a few months ago, and now the 17” model of the Core Duo based system can be had for a “mere” $2,799 or so. The notebook itself looks very sleek, and while getting to run on such a system might be a pleasure, the price tag is the highest you'll see for just about any notebook in the market, though that is standard fare for Apple. It comes with the ability to run up to 2GB of RAM, which for many people (especially those loving this virtualization thing) is greatly needed, all of it DDR2-667. It isn't super lightweight, at 6.8lbs, and really does appear to be a shrunken desktop, which may have been the goal. The notebook looks great, and probably performs great, but for $2799 it better.