While you can debate the advantages of Cable over DSL or vice versa for hours, one thing is for certain, and that is that Cable has always been able to hold the “speed king” crown for home broadband for quite some time. That's starting to change as DSL technology improves and can be brought to more areas, and now AT&T is offering DSL lines that truly equal and perhaps surpass residential cable connections in terms of speed. Offering a line of up to 6mbps / 768kbps down/up, and at a price point vastly lower than most cable providers, that's going to be something anyone looking for high bandwidth will love. A mere $17.99 nets 3mbps down, and while I don't want to sound like an advertisement, dollar per megabit has come down drastically. AT&T is expanding their Internet services in general, but if this level of cost/speed for DSL carries to other providers, we could see high speed broadband in general being more affordable.