As I mentioned earlier, AMD recently talked about the transition to a 65nm process for their CPUs and reassured everyone that they are right on schedule. Set for development to begin later this year, we can expect to see actual AMD processors using 65nm in early 2007, and from there it's supposedly less than a year away from 45nm, a significant push(although some sources say it would be later, as later as 2008 for 45nm). However, to stay competitive with Intel, that is a must, with Intel already gearing up to deliver both 65nm and 45nm in the near future. As expected, the first CPUs off the line using 65nm will be X2 CPUs, so Opteron and single core may have to take a temporary back seat. All this will (theoretically) drive down the cost of dual cores, in Opterons, X2s and FX cpus, which is sorely needed with the cost of an X2 still in the $300 minimum range.