Adding on to the estimates of running out of IPV4 addresses in as little as six years, there has recently been a study of Internet usage, and it concludes that there are approximately 694 million people using the Internet today. That's roughly 1 in 9 people out of the entire world, though the survey excludes anyone under the age of 15 as well as some other data that could alter the results. Overall, though, it shows some interesting trends, such as the declining global percentage the U.S. made up of Internet users, which now is around 25%. The U.S., China, Japan, Germany and Britain are the top 5 countries for connected people.

A very surprising note, people in Israel spent an average of 57.5 hours online – more than any other country, and more than twice as long as the next country in the list, the U.S. Most of you can probably remember just a mere 10 years back, when the number of users was just a fraction of what it is now. What about in 10 more years?