AOL has had a lot of advertisement lately revolving around their goal of getting their dialup customers to switch to their broadband services. In many areas, that's not always a possibility. AOL is looking to expand that and as such as teamed up with Clearwire to offer wireless internet to their customers. Starting at around $25.90, fairly cheap for wireless, “AOL High Speed – Powered by Clearwire” is initially being deployed in Florida and California.

"Clearwire's wireless high-speed service brings a differentiated offering to AOL members moving to broadband," said Joe Redling, president of AOL's Access Business. "This innovative approach to broadband access offers consumers additional levels of freedom and flexibility in how and where they experience AOL's content and services, and stands to be a promising feature for new consumer segments."
A lot of newspeak, but still, this is another example of the continuing trend towards mobility and services offered in areas largely unlit. This is all part of AOL's high speed campaign. Just how fast could AOL possibly be?