If you are anticipating the release of Unreal Tournament 2007 and wanting to know if it can surpass UT2004, you'll definitely want to read an interview over at IGN, in which both Mark Rein and Jeff Morris talk about the up and coming next installment of the very successful UT series. They are pretty ambiguous as to the differences we'll see between the console and PC versions, though likely many will stick to one platform over the other. One very interesting piece they talked about concerning gameplay was bringing back the control style feel of UT99 as opposed to 2003/2004, which were much faster in pace. They cited fluidity of control between consoles and PCs as a reason for this, which makes sense. They also talk a lot about improving the depth of each style of play, with expanding existing game types rather than inventing new game types. Another interesting note is how maps may have an effect on maps you play later on, which if taken to multiplayer could prove to be very interesting indeed. It's definitely worth a read.