AT&T is attempting to move in more on tradtional cable networks by expanding their fiber reach . The kicker that is likely to get them approved is that they claim the expanded networks will allow them to offer more services to low-income housing, more than a quarter of their intended market. The services would include things like IPTV, and since analog TV is slowly going extinct, likely many low-income housing areas would welcome such technology. Would AT&T actually do it, though? Laws have to be changed in order for them to accomplish what they say they want to do in a short span of time, and many companies have a history of saying one thing but doing another.

"The company is affirming (its) commitment to assure the public that all income levels--including low income households--have early access as this cutting-edge technology is deployed," AT&T said in a press release.
Call that commitment if you want, but some remain skeptical, including the cable companies.