JEDEC has approved a standard system for the development of FB-DIMM Memory, making it the newest official addition to the PC world. We have spoken about FB-DIMM before, and it does seem that many manufacturers are embracing this new standard. In about wo years, Intel is set to begin manufacturing Itanium CPUs that have a FB-DIMM memory controller built in, much like Athlons are today, and at around the same time, AMD will start to develop Opteron CPUs to support the new RAM as well.

The article mentions the obscene pricing for the large modules currently, but that is quite expected, with its very recent introduction into the market. At the moment it seems likely that this RAM will only be available in server platforms, but we may eventually see it introduced into desktop platforms as well. You can read more about FB-DIMM at Micron's site, one of the few FB-DIMM manufacturers at the moment.