SLI on notebooks. In the never ending pursuit to make portable machines just as powerful as desktop machines, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and now it has been done. Alienware is the first laptop retailer to offer a Go 7900 SLI notebook, which is an nForce-4 & Turion 64 based beast. On top of having two 256MB GeForce Go's built in, it has a 17” display (for the pricier model), and even the possibility of dual-hard disks and RAID on a laptop.

It seems almost unreal to have a laptop capable of that, but truthfully it has been discussed and nearly demanded for a long time now. I was not expecting to see both SLI and RAID on a laptop straight out of the chute, but here it is. Of course, fully expect to pay Alienware prices for such a machine, with a $4,490 price tag putting it at more than twice the cost of a very expensive desktop. They have an even more expensive 19” model being prepped. The laptops will be available late next month, so we may yet see another manufacturer (most likely ACER) releasing a competing machine before then. Pricey. But awesome.