Mobile phones continue to get smaller, and to be packed with more features. A breakthrough in their technology was announced by Infineon, who claim to have developed chips for phones that are equipped with 65nm CMOS technology. The chips manage to get more than 30m transistors into a 33 sq mm space, and will go into production late in this year.

The chips offer many advantages, low power consumption being a chief one. I think we all wish our mobiles would go longer on their batteries, and companies like Infineon, IBM, Chartered and Samsung are working hard to bring this to the next generation of phones. Professor Hermann Eul, head of Infineon's Communication Solutions Business Group, claims that the chips will bring new features to mobiles in addition. What these are exactly are anyone's guess, but I should think that having the ability to watch full length movies, TV and so forth is probably on the cards, as are mobiles taking on more of the kinds of features currently associated solely with personal computers.

"Thanks to this technological breakthrough, we have proven that our strategy of innovative integration works and that the number of available functions will increase while the footprint decreases," said Professor Hermann Eul.