Increasingly popular plans to offer downloadable digital content for sale. This will be done in co-operation with MySpace's sister company, Fox, and initially they will be selling series one to five of the '24' series by Fox. At only $1.99 a programme, it’s a bargain. Burger King is sponsoring the deal, which says something about their faith in MySpace as a distribution platform. Mind you, with more than 75m registered users worldwide, that faith is hardly misplaced.

As popular and useful as MySpace is, just be careful what you do there, though. Recently, a Placer County high school student posted a picture of himself smoking marijuana on there, and the picture has since led to his arrest on numerous felony charges.

In other news on MySpace, the service is planning some enhancements for Australian users soon; they will be providing local content for members. Localised content is to be determined by the location of their internet provider.