While not everyone is enthusiastic about embracing ODF for use as a “publically recognize” document standard, the world's biggest IT company is. IBM is backing OpenDocument in the newest version of Lotus Notes, which is currently in development, with a public beta scheduled for later this year. On top of supporting OpenDocument standards, they are also looking to ensure broad compatibility:

"With the Hannover release, we are incorporating the Workplace client technology," Arthur Fontaine, senior product manager for Workplace, told CNET News.com. "(Lotus Notes) will inherit the server management cross-platform capability of the Eclipse-rich client platform, which allows users to run Linux, as well as Windows, and Mac to follow shortly."
Once big players start embracing particular standards, usually it is a matter of time before many other companies follow suit. With “125 Million” Lotus Notes users, it's definitely a boon to ODF's acceptance.