Although, as a notebook user, I am becoming quite impressed by the number of hotspots out there, I am still left longing for something more. What I would really like is broadband type speeds, via wireless, from pretty much everywhere. Just a dream, eh?

Well, the dream has come a little closer, thanks to BT, who plan to set up wide-area Wi-Fi networks in 12 cities by the end of the year. This will enable mobile computer users to get access to high-speed Internet and telecoms services when they are on the move. By creating a "mesh" of Wi-Fi hotspots covering large areas in several cities, BT will provide blanket Wi-Fi coverage, charging people for accessing the Internet. The company is also in talks with many other cities in the UK to expand the service further.

BT is also launching a Wi-Fi version of its BT Fusion mobile phone service later in the year. This will enable users to switch from a traditional mobile network to a cheaper Internet network whenever a Wi-Fi hotspot is in range.