Spyware and virus laden computers brought into repair shops typically resided in someone's home, and picked up their various infestations while a home user was browsing. A computer at the work place is less likely to be used on questionable sites (at least that's the belief of many employers) and typically has some form of enterprise virus/spyware protection, but it seems that spyware is quite a problem even at the workplace. With many smaller companies not having adequate protections in place or proper policies, and larger companies making it harder to maintain control over fleets of computers, it's estimated that 20% of companies have some form of active infestation in their network, up from 12% a year ago, according to Websense.

An increase in spyware and adware presence on these computers is also noted. Will this wake companies up and have them locking down their machines tighter? One would hope, but likely not. As it stands, less than half of Internet-using employees have heard of phishing attacks and the majority of both employees and companies believe their networks to be safe.