After long anticipation and Intel getting quite the jump on them, AMD has finally made available to the market dual core mobile processors, all capable of supporting DDR-2. Using the brand new S1 socket standard, AMD's new line of Turion 64 X2 chips will operate from 1.60GHz with 2x256KB L2 cache to 1.8GHz and 2x512KB L2 cache. They'll also support DDR-2 667 memory, use the 800mHz HT bus, support virtualization and more. They currently use the 90nm process, so they dissapate 31-33W, which could go down dramatically once AMD makes the switch to 65nm. The models range from the TL-52 to the TL-60, and the price ranges from $184 to $354, which is quite cheap for dual core AMD chips. Now just to see they can be made to work in AM2 motherboards.