Not only do companies writing P2P software have to be protected from the various companies and institutions out to shut them down, but they also have to be protected from themselves, apparently. P2Pnet is being sued by Sharman Networks (the company behind Kazaa) and Nikki Hemming, along with their hosting hosting company InterServer Inc and four unnamed individuals. Libel includes damages, so it is Sharman Network's claim that in some way they have been hurt financially by P2PNet's actions. What, exactly, the problems were, is unknown, only that Sharman Networks is very upset over it:

"The libels were so gratuitously offensive, personal and unnecessary that Miss Hemming had little choice but to respond by asserting her rights through legal action after attempts to remedy the matter without litigation failed. The libelous story and postings complained of in the writ were so significantly beyond anything relevant to any business matters in the P2P market that Sharman Networks Limited and Ms. Hemming felt they had no option but to take action.
The details are scarce, but it appears the content had mostly to do with commentary on the financial situation of the company, however far that can impact a company that was based on P2P software. Considering the lengths that Sharman has gone to protecting P2P companies, this seems a bit out of place for them. P2Pnet has more information on their site.