The IC market largely centers around 90nm and 80nm products these days, with transitions planned for years down the road by many of the big players. One of the biggest, TSMC, is looking to move much faster than its rivals, with plans to start doing production of 65nm parts and even 45nm parts by the end of next year. Many companies rely on TSMC for parts, including nVidia and ATI, but as of yet there are no set in stone plans for 65nm or 45nm parts from any of TSMC's partners. If TSMC can readily get 65nm components to market anywhere near the time they claim, they will probably be the first to be able to do so.

Intel and AMD are already moving at lightning speed to dramatic power reduction on processors, so it will soon be up to the video card manufacturers to do their part as well, with GPUs overtaking CPUs as the hottest and most power-greedy component in a modern system. It will be good if TSMC can bring what they claim.