July will be an interesting month for processors, as both Intel and AMD are set to release new platforms then. Intel is prepping Conroe for release towards the end of the July, which will become their successor to their current dual core desktop processors. “Core 2 Duo for Desktops” as it is called, it will replace the 800 and 900 series desktop and performance processors with an entirely new architecture, one that will hopefully solve the many heat and performance issues that have been plaguing the P4 for some time.

Earlier in July, AMD will also be bringing new things, with the launch of Socket F, the successor of the Opteron's current socket, and is going to have 2 primary cores release along with it, the Santa Ana and the Santa Rosa. One will be designed for high-end workstations and compact servers, the other designed for dual-core performance beasts for servers that need lots of horsepower. As a side note, Socket F will be the first socket AMD will be using with LGA instead of a typical pin interface.