Microsoft will be releasing a large update for the 360 soon, in what will become the first of a planned bi-annual update rollout to the console. Soon, the Xbox 360's dashboard will receive a major facelift that will fix many annoyances and gripes people have had with the system, as well as add some features. An overhaul to the UI has been done, to make it easier to navigate, as well as now being able to simultaneously play a game while downloading something in the background. Formerly, you had to wait for downloads to finish, which could be extraordinarily annoying. The 360 will let you queue up to six downloads and use the console normally during this. Download notifications are now provided, akin to modern browsers popping up a window when a download has finished. Various other updates are included that sound great, and if you have used the 360 for any length of time you will appreciate most of them. Assuming this releases on time, kudos to MS for responding to user demands.