nVidia has been releasing information to their partners regarding some upcoming advances in their pro series nForce line. In particular, designed for the AMD Opteron in a performance workstation environment, nVidia's nForce Pro 3600 and nForce Pro 3050 chipsets are scheduled for release next month, and bring some exciting advantages. Based on the MCP55, the new chipsets have enhanced support for Opterons over the nForce 5xx series, full DDR-2 support and support for the upcoming Socket F. According to nVidia, the MC55 Pro can push more data than the HT2000 and BCM 5721 chipsets, which can be very important in environments with a lot of distributed data or clustering, and will overall be a better choice for anyone looking to use an Opteron. They also, apparently, will feature support in the near future for Quad-core CPUs. Interesting.