Back in the courts again, this time it’s a defeat for Apple, as a California appeals court has ruled that the authors of two Apple computer fan Web sites do not have to reveal their sources for information about Apple products. PowerPage and AppleInsider were the targets of legal action from Apple after they posted information in 2004 about an unreleased Apple product. Apple argued that the two sites were not legitimate news organizations protected by California`s shield law for reporters. But a California appeals court has ruled that online writers in the US are protected by the state's shield law for reporters as well as by the 1st Amendment. This ruling means that Web reporters have the same right to protect the confidentially of their sources as other reporters do.

"Today's decision is a victory for the rights of journalists, whether online or offline, and for the public at large," said EFF Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl, who argued the case before the appeals court last month. "The court has upheld the strong protections for the free flow of information to the press, and from the press to the public."