Nicer modern cars often come equipped with built-in DVD players into the back of the seats or above the console. However, not everyone can afford such a vehicle, but plenty of people still want to try that out. Recently, a product called the Griffin RoadDock was released for people who want to try something like that out, but don't want to tear up their car modding it themselves. With embedded and car PCs being a hot topic, it makes sense. In particular, the RoadDock works with Sony's PSP, and for a mere $39 lets you put the PSP on the back of a seat for anyone in the rear seats to enjoy.

Then again, $39 for a swivel strap might seem a bit much, especially considering it doesn't have a power adapter to feed the PSP. However, it does show the continued greater acceptance for PCs and entertainment devices all over the place. The propagation of these devices is healthy for the tech industry as a whole, and where would we be without novelties?