Today, AMD released the AMD Live PC and the AMD Live Entertainment Suite, their answer to the Intel's current position in home entertainment with Viiv. It's a similar program to Viiv, but offers some key differences that may help lure many companies to them, such as the lack of particular components being a requirement for a label:

"We have guidelines for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), but don't require them to use certain component makers or chipset makers. This allows the OEMs to differentiate their PCs," said Teresa de Onis, AMD desktop brand manager. "The OEMs also don't have to buy a software stack form us."
AMD's focus is a bit different, being oriented around integration into existing environments rather than the placement of a PC in a living room as a media hub. The “Live Entertainment Suite” is part of that, which includes an on-demand streaming service that apparently can be accessed via the web for small home networks, with up to 25GB of data. As early as next week, demos will begin surfacing, with plans for the actual rollout sometime this year. Viiv hasn't made a huge splash yet, so AMD still has some time to get in the same game.