Iwill is one of those few manufacturers that are known for both their desktop and server products, when typically a company will tend to focus on just one. One of their most impressive systems was demonstrated at Computex, a dual-Xeon system that features the new FB-DIMM standard. On top of being designed for the latest Socket 771 Xeons with fancy RAM, it also boasts a whopping 16 total slots for RAM, maxing out at 64GB, impressive for an x86 based system. 16 slots are common, yes, but not in E-ATX boards, making this one of the smallest form factor boards that can support this much. It's designed around 1U rack environments, and definitely isn't cheap. Iwill is also looking to update their modular boards with CPU cards that can take AMD Socket F processors and DDR-2, and the AMD-specific HTX expansion slots.