Notebooks, like PCs, have huge variations in the brands and types available, leaving you tons of room to choose when it comes to selecting a portable PC. One complain I hear from many is that no matter how compact the laptop gets, it's just too big for them to carry around - but a PDA doesn't provide the functionality they need. A recent release from Averatec brings the Ultra-portable 1100 Series, which aims to make the laptop powerful, but as tiny as possible. Based on the ultra-low-voltage model of the Pentium M processor, it's only a tiny 10.6" in width and yet still managers to deliver a 1200x800 display, wireless a/b/g, USB/firewire/etc and all other standard laptop faire, and weighs in at a mere 3.4 pounds(though lighter models are available). It's compact size and low power components also give it a very impressive battery life at 5 hours, possible 5.5 or 6 with a high-capacity battery.

Overall, it's a great set of machines to look at if you're unimpressed by laptops trying to be replacement desktops, and with a pricetag of only $1349 it defeats just about all other ultra-small laptops in the money department.