VoIP is going to be big. JupiterResearch has found that 17% of European consumers find VoIP appealing. Right now, the technology looks on the brink of entering the mainstream, and getting into its position to fulfill its destiny of replacing traditional land lines all over the world. As such, more and more companies are bound to want to get in on the act.

Tiscali is the latest of such companies. They have launched their own VoIP service, called Netphone. Just like good old Skype, PC-to-PC calls are free, but there is a charge for calls to UK landlines (at just £0.01 per minute, which is pretty reasonable.) Naturally, calling a mobile is a different story, and costs 2p per minute. The service is capable of taking voice messages and can send and receive faxes for 10p per page. As with most VoIP calls Tiscali do not advise that people try to use Netphone for emergency calls.

Steve Horley, Tiscali UK's managing director of consumer products and marketing, said: "The number of people looking to benefit from VoIP services is set to go through the roof in the next twelve months. Netphone brings voice, fax, text messages and voicemail together in one easy to use service. It's never been easier for people to talk for free."