One of the biggest problems many PC users face (and one that is becoming a growing problem worldwide) is what to do with the computer once it is replaced. Hand-me-downs only last so long before finally the computer is going to be ditched. With the danger to the environment in dumping the machines and the cost involved in most recycling centers, many people are at a loss. Dell is teaming up with Goodwill industries to combat some of that, with a free recycling program called "Reconnect San Diego". It includes a partnership between Dell, Goodwill Industries and other key partners.

"This new alliance will really expand our existing electronics recycling program and further Goodwill's mission at the same time," said Mike Rowan, CEO of Goodwill Industries of San Diego County. "Working with Dell will help us ensure we are implementing the latest environmentally sound recycling practices."
Primarily for educational purposes, over the course of a year their goal is to collect over 2 million pounds of computer equipment and recycle it, as opposed to dumping it. After Goodwill accepts the items, Dell's work is to value the items and have their partners break the machines down and resell the raw materials. Given the cost of PC recycling, if you happen to live in the San Diego area it's a great chance to unload.